Discuss how you can Empower employees for broad based action and creating short term wins.

This is the format of the assignment below: A topic is picked and claims and counterclaims with citable. The author used is John Cotter 1996: Leading chnage.The ebook can be found on google ebook for free. Chapters 7-9 are the focus. What is the strenghts and weakness of chapter 7 empowering employees for action and creating short term wins chapter 8. Create an argument for a claim and a rebuttal why it is weak?I will search for more material and will send as I go.

The structure is below for reference.

Argumentative Thesis Papers

You will write two argumentative/thesis papers during this course. Follow these specific guidelines when writing this type of paper.

• 5 – 7 pages of text minimum

• The 5 – 7 pages do not include the cover sheet, abstract, outline and reference sheet

1. Focus on a topic of your choice related to the readings for that week(s) of the course

2. Include a one page outline detailing items 3 – 7 below.

3. Provide a well-developed thesis statement or claim.

4. Include specific evidence or supports to develop your thesis statement.

5. Include a warrant or backing to link your evidence to your thesis.

6. Include a counterclaim section.

7. Include a rebuttal section.

Your outline must be one page and only one page. No more; no less. This should follow your abstract and precede the primary content of your work. Your outline should not be in sentence and paragraph form. It should follow a standard outline format that is associated with most any word processing program.

Here then is the complete outline for your argumentative thesis paper.

 Coversheet

 Abstract

 Outline

 Introduction and Overview with your Thesis Statement clearly stated

 Series of Evidence/Supports with Accompanying Warrants; a warrant links your evidence to your thesis, or in other words explains to the reader how your evidence connects to and supports your thesis. You may have three or four separate sections in your paper which provide evidence each with an accompanying warrant.

 Counterclaim – a statement or claim which is opposite of or challenges your thesis statement. This may be three to four paragraphs in length or more.

 Rebuttal – a statement that rebuts or refutes your counterclaim and supports the legitimacy of your original thesis. Essentially your rebuttal explains how your thesis is a “stronger” or more persuasive claim in relation to the topic of your paper when compared to your counterclaim. In brief, you explain why your original thesis is a stronger claim than your counterclaim. This may be three to four paragraphs in length or more.

 Conclusion

 References

For detailed information on preparing an argumentative thesis-based paper refer to the following internet address which is part of the On-line Writing Lab of Purdue University

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