Discuss how espionage affected or changed an historical outcome.

Each student is required to write one semester paper, double spaced, 10 pages in length. Normally this is a book report based on a single book or the equivalent in a series of articles, parts of books, or documents. The topic is open, but must involve some aspect of the history of espionage. Most interesting is a case study: how espionage affected or changed an historical outcome. For example, you could write a short study of Agent CICERO in Istanbul, Turkey, during World War II. Or a study of the role of espionage in the defeat of Napoleon. Note that all papers must be based on published materials: scholarly articles, scholarly books. No paper may cite or use internet web pages as sources.

All papers should conform to the History Style Guide, and all written work should be checked closely for spelling and grammatical errors. Footnotes and citations are required. All papers are expected to be your original work, and must be submitted digitally via TURNITIN on Blackboard, where they will be checked for plagiarism.


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