Discuss Brand Advertising and Celebrity Endorsement: The Impact on Consumer Buying Behaviour

Brand Advertising and Celebrity Endorsement: The Impact on Consumer Buying Behaviour

When did celebrities and sports stars first become the voice of a product? What caused this to develop?

Proposal Steps:

o The working title of your dissertation (subject to change)

o A brief overview of the company or market you are considering studying, the research problem identified, and your reasons for choosing this area for your investigation.

o Your research question/research objectives

o The research method you intend to use (both secondary and primary research)

o The methods you plan to use to analyse the data you have gathered

o Literature review details: main authors and themes to be considered

o Practical and ethical issues to be considered

o A plan or timetable

o A complete list of all the references used in writing your proposal

The dissertation proposal (to be included in your portfolio)

Your proposal will be assessed using the following criteria:

(a) Suitability and relevance of topic chosen

Is the topic interesting?

Is sufficient data available to make the project feasible?

Is the topic MARKETING related, rather than being a general management study?

(b) Suitability of objectives

Have they been clearly defined?

Are they achievable?

Do they relate to the research problem identified?

(c) Suitability of research methods

Have you described them in enough detail?

Have you described them fully and correctly?

Are they appropriate for the area/subject/target group you are investigating?

Are they feasible (do you have the resources to do this)?

(d) Suitability of literature review

Have you considered a wide enough range of relevant sources?

Have you attributed your work (referenced it) correctly?

Dissertation Objectives

• How properly devised and planned product endorser in the advertisement domain can influence the tastes and preferences of the consumer substantially?

• To investigate and study the influence of celebrity endorsement towards consumer

• How celebrity can help consumers in identification of brands and products

• To know the consumer’s perception and thoughts about the celebrity endorsements