Discuss Blended Cultures, Identity Formation, and Invisibility

In 800-900 words, write a response paper to answer the following overarching questions: 1) Please clearly define the terms, identity and invisibility. 2) In what ways have American literature and film have depicted American cross-cultural identities? Please use the terms, identity and invisibility, in your response. Cross-cultural identities include individuals who have made decisive choices to embrace cultures outside of their own cultural roots and individuals who identify as more than one ethnicity or culture. When discussing cultures, please be very specific; in other words, do NOT lump all cultures as all-inclusive. For example, Japanese culture is different from Chinese culture. African American cultures (northern vs. southern vs. mid-western) are different from black Caribbean cultures (e.g., Haitian, Cuban, Jamaican, Puerto Rican, etc.) Within a culture, there are various ethnicities (e.g., British, Russian, Italian, French, etc.) Your response should reflect your understanding of various cultural identities, noting similarities and differences.

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