Discuss at least three different pieces of work by this person Laszlo moholy nagy photography

1) Research a specific topic in history of design;
2) Demonstrate a thorough familiarity with the work of a chosen person from history of design and the historic context in which he practiced;
3)Identify the significance of a designer’s work to the evolution of design practice;
4) Identify the historic, cultural, social or political significance of his work;
5) Construct written arguments and defend these using proper academic conventions.

– Conduct research and formulate a focused, concise thesis statement;
– Discuss the context in which this designer practiced;
– Analyze the person’s work; formal characteristics, medium of output, content, communication strategies etc.
– Discuss at least three different pieces of work by this person;
– Use a minimum of four credible sources in the paper; only ebooks, books or journals.
– Make sure the paper is written in accordance with APA writing style

1) How well has the student met the objectives of the assignment?
2) Has the student shown evidence of research and knowledge of the selected subject matter?
3) Has the student formulated a specific, clearly stated thesis statement?
4) Has the student presented appropriate research-findings to clearly argue the thesis statement?
5) Are the points raised factually grounded; are conclusions based on the careful consideration of verifiable examples.
6) Does the paper present evidence from a variety of credible sources.
7) Is the paper well written (good sentence structure, proper punctuation, etc.)
8) Has the student properly cited sources using academic writing conventions?

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