Did Literature Reviewassist in identifying whether the article would pertain to your research topic? Why?

Application: Literature Review

• Privacy with electronic health records

Dimitropoulos, L., & Rizk, S. (2009). A state-based approach to privacy and security for interoperable health information exchange. Health Affairs

• To complete this Application Assignment, write a 2- to 4-page paper answering the following questions:

Abstract and Citation
Did  assist in identifying whether the article would pertain to your research topic? Why?      the title

• Does the abstract clearly summarize the main features of the article? How?

Research Question

• Is the research problem easy to identity? Summarize the research problem.

• What is the specific research question being asked?

• Is the article relevant to the research question you developed? Why or why not?


• Was the article a primary or secondary source?


• How many references does it include?

• Are the references relevant and current for your research topic? Why or why not?


• What is the base perspective of the article? In other words, is it from the point of view of an administrator, health care provider, health care deliverer, politician, researcher, or educator?

• Is the article well-organized and sufficiently detailed for critical analysis? Provide an example.

• Describe the various sections of the article. Does it follow the standard scientific method? Why or why not?

Study Findings

• Do the study findings appear to be trustworthy? Why or why not?

• Does the article provide suggestions for additional research? Please explain.

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