Develop a multi prolonged Strategy for Sustainable Farming practices for Rice and wheat growing farmers in Punjab, India.

Part 1: Rationale and Analysis of an ‘Unsustainable’ Practice:- Your report should set out the rationale for the particular practice you are focusing on and why it is important in terms of its implications for environmental sustainability. Your report must include an analysis of what constitutes the practice, who participates in the practice and how it might be changing (ie. trends/evidence of increasing environmental impact)? You need to identify the key problems and challenges for affecting change to the practice, which may vary for different groups of people or for different contexts. You will be expected to demonstrate your understanding and engagement with some of the theories around social practices and practice change (which will be explored in the course materials/lectures) in developing your analysis. You may also choose to carry out some interviews to inform your understanding of the particular practice you are analysing.

Part 2: Rationale for, and Design of, a Strategy for Change

From your analysis in Part 1, you need to provide a rationale for the design of your strategy for change which addresses the particular challenges you identified. In designing your strategy for change you need to clearly link the analysis of the practice with the strategies for

change. What important challenges does your strategy overcome? What important opportunities does your strategy harness? Why are your solutions better than other possible or existing solutions? What types of strategies are involved? Is it a multi-pronged strategy involving a range of approaches (eg. educational, policy, regulatory, infrastructural,

incentives etc) and why? Who needs to be involved and why? What role do the various actors in your strategy need to play and how might they be co-ordinated (ie. governance issues)? What are some of the problems or risks that may emerge in implementing your strategy and how might they be overcome?

The strategy must be your own work ie. the product of your own creativity. Your strategy report must not be simply an assessment or reproduction of somebody else’s strategy. That said you may draw from existing approaches or strategies to address your chosen ‘unsustainable practice’ and propose modifications or alternatives based on your critical

analysis of the practice or problem trying to be addressed. You may draw on a number of sources to assist your analysis and strategy development including reviewing current literature, reports and other relevant strategies, carrying out primary research through

interviews (only a small sample would be expected for this exercise) or other creative methods for exploring your topic.