Determine in a research whether or not you find the legend credible, and why or why not.

Be sure to follow ALL paper and assignment guidelines. 2-3 pages, double-spaced Must contain a clear thesis in direct response to the prompt Must analyze and cite specific evidence (either from text, film, or show) No “I” or personal opinion/examples No “You” Start each body paragraph with a topic sentence and use 2-3 examples as support per body paragraph (properly cited) Introduce and punctuate all titles correctly!!! Your paper will contain three sections.First, you will summarize the legend and tell what it is. Then, using your research, give examples of the legend occurring, whether it be an old story, accounts of those who have experienced it, or news reports. You should also include where and how this legend began if you can find that information. Finally, your final paragraph should offer YOUR opinion. After all of your research, determine whether or not you find the legend credible, and why or why not. In “The Thematic Paradigm,” Robert Ray defines several different types of film heroes, including the reluctant hero, the outlaw hero, and the official hero. Using specific, cited evidence from Ray’s article, choose examples of each type of hero and analyze how they fulfill his definitions Here is the lick for the article