Describe what elements you would include in your presentation and explain Why is Civic Engagement important?

Below you’ll find a series of questions for Quiz 2. You are expected to answer two of the questions. Question 1 must be answered by all. Again, try to keep your responses to about 3 pages, and given the fact that this is open book, my expectation are high. You are expected to incorporate the concepts that we have discussed in class within the context of your responses.\n\nQuestion # 1: (All must answer this question.)\n\nYou are working in the City Manager’s Office in a local City, and you’re boss – the City Manager, serves on a planning committee that is working on a regional plan for growth. This plan will lay out an urban blue print for the future, including areas reserved for agriculture and opens space, and residential districts, and areas for business/job development. \n\nYour City Manager is a strong believer in Civic Engagement. She feels the public needs to be part of this dialogue. However, not everyone on this committee is comfortable with the prospect of involving the public. Your City Manager has asked you to make a five minute presentation to the Committee on the importance of Civic Engagement in the creation of this long term plan. In as few pages as possible, describe what elements you would include in your presentation.Remember your audience!)\n\nFor your second question, choose one of the following:\n\nQuestion # 2\n\nWe have discussed the value of diversity in a couple of contexts…first, from a sociological/equity perspective, and more recently, from a cognitive sense of utility. What is the value of diversity from both perspectives? What does government lose by simply putting a sign on the door that says “open for business?” \n\nQuestion # 3\n\nDiscuss the difference between “The old public service” paradigm, and “the new public service, and the role that Civic Engagement played in both schools of thought?\n\nQuestion #4\n\nHow does Civic Engagement build social capital and community capacity? \n\nplease use the book (• Susan Clark and Woden Teachout: “Slow Democracy”).\nplease separate each part of question to be more clear and follow what the Prof want. \n

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