Describe ways through which the company can integrate principles into their operations.

    C. Describe ways through which the company can integrate principles into their operations. Which of these do you believe to be the most effective? Why? Support your opinions with citations from your textbook or outside sources.— Insert updated response from MS 3.  Be sure to include the updates requested from the prior submission, even if you earned full credit as these are graded more rigorously.   5.How will the operational changes announced in 2012 affect Nissan’s exposure to future disruptions? How will it affect its steady-state operations? What trade-offs is management making and why?  Nissan is assuming earthquake (EQ) as the most critical catastrophe. In case of EQ which intensity is 5-upper or over in Japan, First Response Team (organized by main functions of Global Disaster Headquarters) will gather information and decide actions to be taken based on the information. If necessary, Global Disaster Headquarters and Regional Disaster Headquarters are set up and gather information about employees’ safety and damage situation of facilities and work for business continuity. At the same time, efforts to develop Business Continuity Plan (BCP) are being done involving suppliers, such as, each and every function assessed its priority work, develop countermeasures to continue the priority works. BCP will be reviewed annually in the process of rotating PDCA cycle.  1.First priority on human’s life (Utilization of Employees’ safety confirmation system, EQ preparedness card to be carried on a daily basis)2.Prevention of second disaster (In-house firefighting organization, stockpiling, provision of disaster information)3.Speedy disaster recovery and business continuity (Measures for hardware, improvement of contingency plan and development of BCP)4.Contribution to local society (cooperation / mutual aid with neighboring community, companies, local and central government) Global Disaster Headquarters and Regional Disaster Headquarters conduct simulation training assuming large EQ to prepare catastrophe. The drill tests the effectiveness of this organization and contingency plan, and clarifies the issues to be improved. The contingency plan is reviewed based on the feedback. Nissan Global Headquarters Building where Global Disaster Headquarters is supposed to be set up (built in August 2009) has EQ resistant structure by vibration controlling brace damper. The safety is assured even in case of maximum level of EQ assumed at the site.    

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