Describe the significance of the event, and the affect it has on the state/people

Assignment: Current Events Presentation

(2) Students will choose current events relevant to the discussions/topics of the course; using modern media resources such as newspapers, network websites, magazines, etc., Sources can be traditional or online. A local newspaper for me is Dallas Morning News; website:, My Fox DFW is my local news channel website: *******however you can do any state in the United States but it is nice to tie it back into Texas since this is a Texas Government class.
(3) Students will prepare a typed paper with approximately 500 words, and clearly cite to the sources used within the paper.
(4) The student will summarize the current event described within the source, the significance of the event, and the affect it has on the state/people.
(6) Plagiarism will result in a zero on this assignment.
(7) Use the following heading:

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