Describe reasons for concept being of interest to nursing and its body of knowledge.

you will take a single word concept (STRESS) of interest to you and develop it into a final concept analysis paper.

This assignment will focus solely upon the discipline of nursing with the inclusion of nursing scholarly sources to substantiate the literature review. Locate evidenced-based articles (based on research studies in nursing) that use the concept or discuss the concept.

Please confer with your instructor if you are not sure about your concepts or sources.

For this paper you will:

Identify the concept and purpose for studying the concept.

Describe reasons for this concept being of interest to nursing and its body of knowledge.

Define the attributes of the concept and relevant uses.

Provide a summary of the concept as described in each article with examples of how the term was defined.

Provide the theoretical and operational definition of In this paper you will demonstrate scholarly, graduate school level writing and critical analysis of existing nursing knowledge. Your paper will be 7–10 pages (excluding title page and references), using APA format with at least 8–10 scholarly nursing sources of information.

Please ask any and all questions ASAP 🙂

Thank you for all of your efforts!!!!

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