Describe how you can use the Purdue Online Writing Lab to do research on your topics.

For this project, you are going to research, study, and become the “class expert” on a topic (What is a Pronoun?) relating to grammar and mechanics. After becoming the expert, you will then create a presentation where you teach your classmates. Research to include what is a pronoun, types of pronouns, etc.

There are many places you can do research on your topic. One of the most well known websites for writing help is the Purdue Online Writing Lab. I encourage you to compare multiple websites about your topic to ensure the information you have found is correct. Be sure to keep track of your sources because you’ll need to list them in your project.

Also, create a brief “assignment” for your spectators. 5-10 questions is plenty. Include an answer key. (DO NOT duplicate examples/questions from your research. Create your own)

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