Describe how you can optimize your efficiency and effectiveness of implementing internet.

You are a customer service manager in Safe Core Co., a large multi-national fire sprinkler company. As a good leader, you are in the process of developing a departmental business plan for your team. In order to have a successful year, you have decided to introduce four new templates to help keep your team on track.

Skills Assessment/ Training Needs – You need to know what skills your team members have now and what training they require for the future.

Project Status – You need a uniform way to keep all projects on target and to ensure that responsible people are held accountable.

Expense Reports – You need to keep the department within budget guidelines.

Job Performance Reviews – You need to establish a system to give effective performance feedback to individual employees.

To optimize your efficiency and effectiveness, you decide to research professionally proven templates on the internet and implement them in your department immediately. (In the past, you have found that is one of many good resources.) After finding appropriate templates, you plan to write a memo to your team introducing the new forms.


Document your plan.
• Find and print a template from the Web for each of the four categories above. (Each template should be only ONE page and must include the URL link.)
• Write a short memo to your team explaining the purpose, timeline for implementation, schedule, and personal accountability for each form.
• Submit both your memo and copies of the four templates as your assignment.

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