Denis Smalley’s 4 modes of listening must be used to explain the events.discuss

Extra Credit, (2 – 4 pages) Listening Analysis Paper,

One extra credit opportunity will be provided. Pretend you are a mapmaker, a cartographer. Your duty is to create a visual map for other people to visually navigate a sonic musical work. Write a “SoundMap” of Chet Udell’s piece, Avian Chimæras. The framework for your analysis must include the following:

1) Timing indicators (mm:ss) of major events you choose to include

2) Denis Smalley’s 4 modes of listening must be used to explain the events.

This may be in essay, play-by-play, or visual graph format (graphs with prose interspersed are interesting).

Some features to include might be: major sections or environments, return and repetition of major sections/sounds, notable transitions from one sound to another, dramatic arch, silences, repetitions of melodic figures, introduction of new sounds or events, whatever your ear tells you is important.

Remember, you do not have to annotate each individual sound – just the major features. See “Cartographer’s Dilemma.” You must choose what is important to include and what to leave out.

Ex) 1:30 – Bird chirps transform into vocal machine rhythmic patterns (Smalley listening mode 1)

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