Demonstrate an understanding of project management basic concepts as applied in the project.

Read the chapter titled “Self Management” (pages 52 – 79) found in the book described below which is available as an e-book from the SFC library. It can be downloaded. Do not wait until the assignment is due to read the chapter. The entire class cannot download the book all at the same time. You will hand in a reflective writing about this chapter. A reflective writing details your thoughts and feelings about the material you have read. Describe what you have learned from the chapter and how you might apply it in your life. Also, how did you feel about the content — did it enlighten you? Was it not very helpful? Was it interesting?

The reflective writing should be at least 5 pages at 1.5 spacing with 1 inch margins. It will be graded using this rubric:

Self-Assessment Project Rubrics:
Each of the following categories is worth 25points:
1. How well you followed the directions
2. Quality, thoroughness and readability of the written document
3. Demonstrate an understanding of project management basic concepts as applied to this project
4. Grammar and basic command of the language

Emotional intelligence for project managers the people skills you need to achieve outstanding results written by Anthony C. Mersino ebrary, Inc. c2007.

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