) Define each construct using the text and explain explain what has happened in your group by giving examples of member's verbal and nonverbal communication behavior.

Much of what’s in our text is already clearly divided into points for you to use. (For example, “informal roles” are divided into task, social, and disruptive roles. Then the individual types of each are defined for your analysis base. Also “group development” has four stages, all of which contain detailed descriptions of typical member behavior in each.)

Don’t forget: Your introduction paragraph should include your group name, members’ names, the project goal, and any other pertinent information. This paragraph should end with your thesis & main point preview statement(s).

Notes: group name- blind spot
member name: Elizabeth, Miranda, Mangal, Kalkhorani, Rosa, Karim, yourself.
project goal: to increase the awareness of drunk driving issues and develop better communication skill within a group , how group work together ,,,ect

WITHIN each body paragraph, you will need to do the following:

(1) Define each construct using the text (and cite) – those specific details will be the basis for your following analysis. Important elements in this section include typical communication behaviors a group development. Make sure that your construct definitions are thorough and clear.

(2) Show how the construct can be used to explain what has happened in your group by giving examples of member’s verbal and nonverbal communication behavior. (Our text does the same thing with examples in every chapter, if you’d like an idea of what I’m looking for.) These behaviors need to be analyzed through your explanation of HOW they illustrate the construct(s) you have chosen. If you cannot clearly explain how the behaviors and the construct relate, then either you need to choose different behaviors or a different construct. (Or you need to have a better understanding of the material.)

Kalkhorani is the creator of the group, as she had the bad experience which relate to drunk driving issues. therefore , she creates that group .
things that she followed for this project- give idea about the blind spot event such as throwing basketball , walking straight line with a drunk driving goggles, she also provides each member a white shirt with our designs on it . she is trying to do anything to support the term. and she is like a group leader i our group.

Mangel- given some idea about the events , help for the proposal , asking her brother to talk to a cherif he knows to the event.

Miranda- organized the wording in all the group meeting such as what each member need to do ….given suggestion and idea toward the group, asking Devonshire PD to join to our event. share idea of how to create own goggles.

Karim: typing the outline for the proposal, asking permission from school and for the paper work, share idea toward the group. create group name ” bliind spot”

Rosa: asking for drunk driving goggles, contact to CSUN police to see if she can get some goggles from them. arrange for an officer to participate.

Elizabeth : share idea toward the group about the event/group project.

yourself: create a ” group me” for people to communicate easily , remind every member what they need to do each week. create 3 designs/ posters though photoshop, print out the posters in copy shop. share ideas to the group.

All- share ideas such as how to make this event happen, what kind of materials , equipment, event place…(or free feel to write anything you can think about it.)
help to do the group proposal, share idea n thought , help each other as a group. help to create contract .

(3) After your analysis, then you should evaluate what you have analyzed. What could/should have been done better/differently? You can address the behaviors of all members (including yourself), or evaluate the actions of a few members, depending upon the situation. If your group has done everything well, tell me WHY they did so. Show an understanding of these constructs/ideas as they occur in the real world.

better: working as a group, everyone has there own stuff to follow, better communication skills, ( or think of any) everyone is supportive, positive , listen to some concerns.

different: people don’t really give you improvement or good suggestion instead of saying that is really good idea. (you could add this or not, is up to u )
money- each member is working and had job,some of the equipment is very expensive, and i think instead of each person paying their own equipment, i think we should add all the prices together so everyone can pay the equal amount.
group is somehow too big, that means some member did not have to do anything.

Your conclusion may just be your last evaluation statements, or some other
personal insight about your group, but I don’t need a summary of everything you just analyzed.

*The purpose of these analysis papers is to understand how the theoretical material relates to real-world behavior and how that knowledge can help us improve communication in small groups.