Create a simple moodboard and briefly describe the period and style as an introduction to each period’s visual research.

1) You are assigned to look in to the following period costume styles from 1600’s to the year 1900. (Referring to text Book chapters from 23 to )

I. Cavalier and Puritan

II. Baroque

III. Rococo

IV. Neoclassic

V. Directoire & Empire

VI. Romantic & Regency

VII. Victorian

VIII. Labelle époque

2) You are required to do a visual research on the major fashion features of the costumes and accessories covering the following areas with accompanying labels and descriptions.

o Silhouettes and foundations

o Necklines, Waistlines and Hemlines

o Sleeves

o Jewelry and Accessories

o Shoes

o Hats and Hairstyles

o Fabrics, Materials and Colors

The visual research/ imageries should be taken from original sources such as period paintings, portraits, sculptures, fashion plates, caricatures, etchings and prints, and museum exhibits/ artifacts, etc

3) Create a simple moodboard (size occupying a half or 2/3 of a page) and briefly describe the period and style (150-200 words) as an introduction to each period’s visual research.

4) Fashions are often a reflection of the social and economic scenes of an era. Include a short list of factors that influenced the fashions of that period, such as: Art movements, Ruler, Politics, War, Economy, Trade and Industry, New Developments and Inventions, Etc…

5) Show two adaptations of the period in current fashions and compare the old and the new. You may look at current fashion photos of costumes & accessories from magazines or internet and the modern adaptation should be mounted side by side with the original costumes of the period.

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