Considere the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and explain what kind of data you would collect.


Examples are abound in the literature of attempts to compare and contrast health systems (Anders and Willis, 2000; Ridic et al., 2012). Some comparisons are descriptive of the nature of the various health care systems while others provide critical analysis, evaluate and compare the health systems regarding equity and efficiency. Some other comparisons review overall performance more widely (European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, 2013).

Clearly not all health systems are the same! However, this comparison process has its benefits and challenges.


Considering the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Some have said that the outbreak was not contained as a result of a “health system failure”. If you were to conduct a health system comparative analysis across the most affected countries (Liberia, Sierra leone, Guinea and Nigeria*)

1. what kind of data would you be collecting?

2. How relevant would such a health system comparison be for future Ebola response.

3. Substantiate your response with evidence from the literature and ongoing work by different organisations.

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