Consider Plato's Allegory of the Cave and Russell's chapter on the appearance/reality distinction.

Write a short reflection paper on one of the following topics.

1- Consider Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and Russell’s chapter on the appearance/reality distinction. What connections can you make between these two readings? What common philosophical problem are they considering? Can you think of any examples of why distinguishing between appearance and reality is important?

2- Describe the problem of induction and the principle of induction. From what you have learned about logic and arguments, explain how the problem of induction arises. What are some examples of inductive inferences and the problems of generalizing about inductive inferences? What is the connection between induction and scientific laws?

3- Can we really know anything at all? What kinds of things can be known with certainty? What kinds of things can be known with near certainty? How can we achieve the most secure knowledge possible and avoid the traps of misunderstanding and misinformation? Think of some examples from your experience that illustrate these issues.

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