Comprehend the range of tools and techniques available as support for managerial decision making.

Module learning outcomes being assessed

1. Identify and select sources of data and information

2. Analyse and present information to support decision making

3. Communicate results of information analysis and decision

4. Comprehend the range of tools and techniques available as support for managerial decision making.

Assessment InformationThis assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes 1, 2, 3 and 4 accounts for 50% of the overall module mark.This assignment requires you to write a 1,500 word original report answering the following questions:
You are the new supplier manager at JLR for the new all electric Land Rover. Your role is to select suppliers who will be able to deliver parts to JLR for their new all electric Land Rover. New suppliers will need to be evaluated. Your role is to evaluate appropriate decision-making frameworks for supplier selection (25 marks). Once suppliers are selected you will need to submit a report to your line manager explaining your final selection. Discuss how you will present this information (25 marks). Another part of your role when suppliers have been selected is to manage the relationship. For example by planning and organizing all the necessary interaction between JLR and the suppliers. This role is very important for maximizing the value of the partnership between JLR and the suppliers. During that relationship critical data and information will be shared. Evaluate the sources of data available and explain which information could be shared with suppliers and which information should be kept within JLR (that information has to pertain to the supply aspect and not to the entire company) (25 marks). Once you have identified this information, explain how you will ensure that it is legally and ethically compliant. Give examples in your answer (25 marks).

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