Compare/contrast how your idea of "home" has changed since you were a child.

Compare/contrast how your idea of “home” has changed since you were a child. You will need to discuss both your perspective of home as a child and how as an adult. You need to have two specific ideas with this option. If your idea has not changed, this will not be the best option to pick from. You will want to include both the similarities and differences of your perspective in your paper.

Points to consider for this option include: Be sure to include idea definition of “home” as both a child and as an adult. This should be clear and done in the introduction. You will need to have a clear thesis statement indicating the change in perspective. Your idea of home could be a physical house, the community you grew up in, the state you live in, your sense of nationalism, your relationship with your family, or whatever you classify as home. Provide details indicating why you classify this as home. Include your feelings, not just physical descriptions. How has your idea of home influenced you and why do you think your ideas have changed? Write this essay in first person voice.
You will need to have an introductory paragraph that tells us what your purpose is and what items you selected. You will end this introductory paragraph with a clear thesis statement that will state what you plan to compare in contrast about the items you selected.

Depending on how you organize your paper, your body paragraphs may differ. You may select either the block method or the point-by-point method to organize your body paragraphs. Whatever method of organization that you chose, you will have multiple paragraphs that compare and contrast the ideas set forth in your thesis.

Your final paragraph in this paper will be your conclusion. Your conclusion will reinforce the main idea of the paper and provide the reader with a sense of what the paper has been about.

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