Compare and contrast the US health care payer system with another countries health care payer system

You will be selecting another country and comparing its national health system with ours (for example: US and Canada, US and Britain, US and Germany, US and France, US and Turkey, US and Cuba, US and Sweden, US and Africa (your choice).

Compare). This will include:

1 -Compare how the US payment system for healthcare compares with the other country. (Fee for service, universal government payment, mixed model payment)

-What are the national and per person expenditures for healthcare between the two countries?

-What are the healthcare outcomes of the two countries (occurrences of chronic illness, life expectancy, infant mortality, etc.)?

2. When you consider social justice how does the US compare with the other country when it comes to healthcare access?

3. What are the positive aspects of both healthcare systems and what are the negatives of both healthcare systems?

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