Compare and contrast the progressive programs of three presidents.

To prepare to write this discussion posting, make certain that you understanding the achievements and failures of the three progressive presidents, Theodore Roosevelt, Howard Taft and Woodrow Wilson. Prepare a chart showing the achievements and failures for each so that you can answer the following compare and contrast question without difficulty. Remember that to compare is to write about those things that are the same and to contrast is to write about things that are different. This may not appear easy to do but if you think about the chart you have created, it will be.

Compare and contrast the progressive programs of all three presidents and make a conclusive statement as to:

1. Which president had a more progressive agenda?

2. Which president’s agenda benefited the largest number of Americans?

3. Which president was more creative in laying out their progressive agenda?

As you answer the above questions, remember that to provide specific example(s), at least one, which sets that president above the other two.

For each post, you will submit one original post that is in response to the question or comment that I posed in 300 words. In this instance, more is not better. I will not accept more than 310 words for your original post.