Classical Conditioning – how does classical conditioning explain phobias

An annotated bibliography is a list of resources (for example, the Internet, journals, monographs, reports, or personal communications) that you will use for the course project. For each resource you use (you must use five), you will include a reference (for the book, journal, Internet, et cetera) for the work you are citing, including the author’s name, the date published, the title, the book publisher name and location or journal name, number, and pages. Each citation is followed by a brief (100–150 words) paragraph describing the work and its relevance to your research.

An APA-formatted example of an annotated bibliography would look something like this:

Author, I. I. (date), Title of book, article, Internet source, or report using APA formatting guidelines. Publication information (for example, publisher location, publisher name, journal title, journal number, internet URL).

Here you would write a 100–150-word description of the contents of the book, journal, internet site, et cetera. Be sure to include a summary of the main themes of the work as well as your impression of its relevance to your research topic and question as well as your personal and professional goals.

Step One: To begin, explore the Internet and the Capella Library for academic Web sites and publications about your topic.

Step Two: Select five sources that are relevant to your research category, topic, and question. Write an annotated bibliography for each.

Other Considerations:

Include five APA-formatted annotations; each annotation should be 100–150 words.

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