Choose at least three vases depicting the same character, and say how you can identify them.



The document should be 3-4 pages long in 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double-spaced with 1-inch margins. Your paper should have a short, informative, and catchy title.

Late work will be docked one half-letter grade per day late. If you must turn in a paper late, email it to me as soon as possible.

Academic guidelines

You must cite all sources that you use. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source, and there is a lot of misinformation about Greek myth online. Unless you check with me and I say otherwise, the only acceptable online sources are those listed below or given as links on Blackboard.

When you use the primary readings, you MUST cite the work in parentheses in the text or in a footnote (see me if you don’t know how to make a footnote). Please cite course texts by the following example: Apollodorus A2, ACM p. 33; Ovid, Met. 1.1-5, p. 15.

You are not required to have a works cited page unless you use sources other than the textbooks and suggested articles. If you do use another secondary source, be sure to cite the author, title, and book, in a works cited page and give the author and page number in the main text as relevant. You may use any reference system you are familiar with; here is a style guide for MLA style if you don’t have a system you prefer:

***Topic 1: Visual sources ***

Go to the Perseus website or Beazley archive and search the available images for Greek vase paintings featuring a mythical deity or hero of your choice. Choose at least three vases depicting the same character, and say how you can identify them. Summarize and use the methods given in the Woodford reading on Blackboard. You may also consider whether any other images on the vase are related. Do they images present a consistent figure? Offer at least one literary source from the textbook that compliments the images, and note if the literary and visual versions differ.

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