.Briefly identify and summarize each of the types of job analysis.

Part I: Types of Jobs AnalysisEach job that has been defined by the HR professional should have a corresponding job description to ensure that the employee is performing the desired tasks and to assist management in gauging the employee’s performance.Briefly identify and summarize each of the types of job analysis discussed in the textbook. Based on the definitions provided, which job analysis would be the easiest for which to write a job description? Which would be most difficult? Defend your position with examples from our reading.Part II: Identification of External SourcesDeveloping sound recruiting strategies is crucial; therefore, the HR professional must carefully select the external sources that are most reliable in order to meet the objective of the organization.Revisit the case study. Using the case study as an example, name three external sources to whom CLI might refer for assistance in recruiting suitable HR staff members. Identify the best sources and explain why you would use these sources and not others.

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