Are there any new terms, concepts that you learned by reading this article "international business… article about NAFTA? What are they? Dr. Bulent Aybar Page 4 of 15

This assignment was designed to facilitate learning by following current developments in global

economy. You are expected to prepare a short one page commentary about a current development.

Your account of the event story should be complete and reflect your interpretation of the issue.

You are not allowed to cut and paste from the source. I expect you to develop your own narrative

and explanations after filtering through the information.

More Specific Guidelines :

1. You should select an article that discusses major developments and issues in the global economy.

The article should be up to date (not older than two weeks at the time of writing), relevant to the

topics discussed in the class and comprehensive enough to help you understand the issue and

comment on it. You can easily find articles in Financial Times, The Economist and WSJ. Please use

analysis or opinion articles rather than short news reports without proper background. A copy of

the original article used should be attached with the summary.

2. You should strictly adhere to the following format for this exercise:

a. The title, author and date of the article

b. Summarize the article; emphasize main arguments and points in the article in a paragraph or two.

c. What information or ideas discussed in this article are also pertinent to our class discussions,

book chapters and assigned readings?

d. What did you learn by reading this article? Briefly state what you took away from this article

e. Are there any arguments that you want to comment on?

f. Are there any new terms, concepts that you learned by reading this article? What are they?

Dr. Bulent Aybar Page 4 of 15

The answers to these questions should not exceed one double-spaced page (12pt characters).

Please do not copy and paste parts of the article. Answer the questions after reflecting on the

article. You should also pay attention to sentence structures, grammar and spelling in your writing

I want the article to be about The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) please

and it has to be recent article.

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