Animal rights

Animal rightsOrder DescriptionThis paper is for Environmental Ethics. Write a single essay that accomplishes the following three things: (1) Select one of the following Readings from the Pojman text: R 6/Singer; R7/Regan; R10/Rolston, R24/Leopold, or R25/Callicott. Explain and evaluate the main thesis of this reading. .(For our purposes, “explain” means to state the theory and to describe the important features of the theory in a manner that an intelligent but uninformed reader would understand. For our purposes, “evaluate” means (1) to determine whether or not the theory rests on a sound or cogent argument, and to (2) determine the overall plausibility of the theory. In this context, “plausibility” refers to the strengths and weaknesses of the theory). (2). Choose the ethical perspective (Utilitarianism, Kant, Social Contract Theory, Ethical Egoism) that best supports this thesis and explain why. If none do, briefly explain why. (3). Referring to Part I in Leopold’s Sand County Almanac, how might Leopold support either the author’s thesis or your take on that thesis? Be sure to include references from all of the relevant readings.

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