Analyse of the company’s Internal Capabilities matched against the Critical Success Factors for the Industry.

State clearly what the report is about and the sequence of key tasks/events to follow. Provide a concise but clear overview of the company to set the context for the case

PART 1: External Analysis
The exercise calls for an analysis of the external environment using appropriate strategic models and frameworks (such as the PESTEL Framework, Five Forces Framework and Industry life Cycle Model), which will be discussed at class lectures and tutorials. This section also requires the identification of the Critical Success Factors for the industry. Finally, deriving from external analyses, you should then discuss the likely opportunities and threats for the subject company.

PART II: Internal Analysis
This section entails an internal analysis which is more specifically concerned with the company relative to its competitive environment. Here, models such as the Competency Framework, VRIN Framework and Value Chain Model can be used to analyse resources and competencies that currently exist for the company (and those which might further need to be addressed) in the pursuit of sustainable competitive advantage. The final part of this section calls for a comparative Analyse of the company’s Internal Capabilities matched against the Critical Success Factors for the Industry (as previously identified by you in Part I).

PART III: Identifying Issues and Challenges Facing the Company
This section involves providing a synopsis of the issues and challenges facing the subject company which should emerge from both the external and internal analyses. The focus here must be squarely on the current impediments/caveats the subject company is facing in its drive to remain competitive.

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