Create an outline of a research study about a specific aspect of MOOCs that you believe needs further investigation.

doctor comment “the questions asked you to create a research outline pertaining to MOOCs. Your answer did not include an outline. Remember, an outline should be formatted like the example that was distributed prior to the exam. Please create a research outline for this question.”

****the question is Question 1

This question has two parts. For part one, you must attach an outline for a research proposal. For part two, you must describe your process.

According to Fischer’s “Beyond Hype and Underestimation: Identifying Research Challenges for the Future of Moocs” (2014), Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have received a great deal of news (and funding) recently. Hundreds of thousands of students across the world have signed up for free college-level courses offered by companies such as edX, Coursera and Udacity. Universities such as Princeton, Brown, Columbia, Duke have jumped on the MOOC bandwagon. Proponents of MOOCs suggest that there is a revolution in the making, by offering a cheap, high-quality alternative to expensive, exclusive universities—particularly to poor students who are often under-represented in universities. Tom Friedman of the New York Times was not alone in suggesting that MOOCs will lead to a revolution that will dramatically change higher education.

Part One: According to Fischer, very little peer-reviewed research has been conducted on the success and future of MOOCs. Create an outline of a research study about a specific aspect of MOOCs that you believe needs further investigation. Your outline should include:

1. Tentative Title

2. Introduction to the Problem

a. Statement of the problem

b. Research questions or hypothesis

c. Definition of unusual terms, delimitations, limitations, assumptions

d. Importance of the paper (why and how will this problem benefit from being studied?)

3. Background of the Problem

a. Name some key factors affecting this problem

b. State some of the probable sources for collecting the data needed to solve the problem (interviews, surveys, etc.)

4. Methods and Procedures to be Used

a. What are the tools and techniques your will probably use to gather the data?

b. How will you analyze the data to solve the problem?

5. Conclusion

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