”A critical role of leader is goal setting.Discuss

I. This is my discussion for week assignment related to My SMART Goal:
Dear Professor & Class,
As we know, “Change is inevitable,” and “without change, our organizations die as well” (CCN, 2015). Thus, as role of nurse leaders, we “must take a commitment to change process and take active roles in the process” (Finkleman, 2012, p.63). We participate in the change process and make decisions wherever we practice.

“Setting goals is part of the decision-making process” (CCN, 2015). SMART Goal framework that is commonly used in healthcare today may prepare your Leadership Development SMART goal.
As Macleod (2012) points out, ”A critical role of leader is goal setting,” so this is my SMART GOAL setting
S—Specific (Who, besides YOU is involved in your goal, what is YOUR goal, and where will it take place?)
My goal is to obtain Pain Control. Patients, Nurse Manager, Charge Nurse, and nursing staff.
M—Measurable (How are YOU going to achieve the goal?)
I will record patient pain level during my shift and my method is considering if patients shouldreceive PRN pain pills every 4hrs or wait until they call for PRN pain pills.

A—Attainable (What resources and/or experts are available to assist YOU with attaining your goal?).

Scholarly pain management websites, articles, hospital resources, and clinical reports.
R—Realistic (Is YOUR goal something that is realistically obtainable by YOU in YOUR professional practice? Explain.)

This is realistic goal for my professional practice because this is our clinical issue need to improve.
T—Time bound (What specific dates or weeks will YOU accomplish each task related to YOUR leadership goal?)

The task will be performed in 8 weeks and two more weeks for conclusion.
II. This is my professor replies on my discussion:

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