Ocean pollution

Your paper must be argumentative in nature with you approaching your subject with a clear, steady point of view. You are not just writing a general survey about something, but instead you are taking a stand on an issue.

Choose a career social system, or social policy that interest you

Choose a career,social system,or social policy that interests you. Explain how you can use what you have learned about Social Psychology to make this job/area better (more effective, productive,humane,fair,etc.) You should be using terms that we have discussed throughout the semester to make your argument. You will need to show mastery of the terms/ concepts that you choose. Quality is better than quantity! You should be able to connect several topics (i.e. conflict, altruism,group influence, behavior/attitudes.conformity,prejudice) and relate them to your proposal


Select a work/works performed by Nico Muhly (musical composer) and research the piece, find various recordings of it, history of work, musical form. Write short paper with works cited, including publication info, dates cited if website is used. Can use online books but cite copyright not webpage.


European Union Forum This forum is based on the Unit 3 session: Lifelong learning and international political economy – the case of the European Union There are two issues to be explored in this forum: 1. The political economy of education in the European Union In the conclusion of the session on the European Union, I make the following claim: “The imperatives of states and the market have tended to take precedence over educational ones in the EU. Unless education has suddenly aligned its basic philosophy to the pursuit of economic and political power, some doubts should (for the time being at least) be cast on the European rhetoric of ‘lifelong learning for all’”. Question for discussion: what do you think of this analysis? Is an understanding of EU education policy as a response to global economic pressure a useful way to assess the rationale behind lifelong learning? 2. Democratic legitimacy and the European Union A major concern currently among European governments and also European citizens is the legitimacy of the European Union not only to govern but even in some cases to exist at all. It is important therefore to explore issues of legitimacy when it comes to important policy areas such as education, particularly around the issue of supranationalism and its impact on nation-state sovereignty. In the paper: Mark Murphy (2003) Covert action? Education, social policy and law in the European Union. Journal of Education Policy, 18(5); 551-562. On page 560 in the conclusion there is an argument that: “the fuzzy, blurred, and covert history of education policy in Europe does not contribute much to a sense of optimism regarding the strengthening of European democratic legitimacy, a key and indispensable component of any effective post-national form of citizenship”. Question: What led the author to make such an argument? Is the use of law as detailed here a legitimate way to transfer powers to the European Union?

Non-linear Algebra

This is not a paper or essay. It is an entire online class with thid course is over half completed and just need to finish up the last 7 of 8 assignments with a quality work grade of 100% correct per assignment. I need someone who can devote themselves and dedicate ALL of their time in this course and have no other papers to write. This request requires your full attention. Please contact me for further information. Thank you.

Anything pertaining to the book

Any chapters in that syllabus up for grabs .. You should be answer tin questions as you go along .. Questions you make up

The Aeneid

A 5 page, double spaced essay on the Aeneid with reference to the Odyssey. Topic: How does Virgil use Aeneas within the Aeneid to challenge and redefine Homer’s depiction of the classic epic hero? Please find attached paper guidelines.

Dante’s Inferno

A 5 page double spaced essay on Dante’s Inferno. Please find attached paper guidelines and potential topics.

International trading & logistic company Business Plan

Topic: International trading & logistic company Business PlanOrder DescriptionImagine you are an investor, you will set up the “International Trading & logistic company” inCalifornia.You will handle the import, export and logistic business around the country, even the world. Your import and export products will focus on American agricultural product (Such as corn, peas or nuts). You will buy this stuff or raw material in the U.S and sell to outside countries.Then, you are going to buy finished products (such as peanuts mixed with nuts or peas) from outside countries, and sell to the U.S.You may buy the finished products from the company which you sell the raw material to them.Please write one business plan, and see the following requirements:1. An executive summary2. A company description and organization chart3. A description of the company’s products and/or services4. A market and industry analysis5. A competitive analysis6. A marketing and sales plan7. A management and organization section8. A financial discussion that includes a 4~5 years financial forecastIn your business plan, please search the real cases or something from outside sources. Everything plan should follow the California state law to do the business. I have attached the sample for you to have ideas.